Having done a BA in Health Sciences and Social Services with specialisation in Psychological Counselling, I was really looking to do an alternative healing modality that could address the being as a whole. After about a year of deliberation, it is my belief that I received divine guidance to enter into the realm of Reiki.

I have benefited greatly from the wisdom and guidance of my Reiki teachers and the journey did not stop there, but really this was the starting point. My life was never the same after my first Reiki attunements and my awareness of myself and of things spiritual increased significantly over time.

Reiki is one of my life’s passions and I wanted to know more after receiving my Master’s attunement. Divine guidance is really a wonderful experience, because I did learn more and became aware of the fact that there are many more ways in which Reiki can be applied. Most physical and emotional/psychological issues can be addressed very specifically by the different healing attunements.

Janine Jordaan

"I have had a lifelong interest in alternative healing and dietary nutrition due to a prior history of MS, especially energy healing, which has culminated in that point in time with my Reiki Mastership with Janine Jordaan. A latent natural healing ability got honed and focussed for both distance and hands-on treatments. I've studied Drama, Fine Arts and Psychology respectively on tertiary level but Spirituality remains my main focus through meditation and service."

Estelle Schoeman

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