My experience of the Reiki was amazing.It felt like I was being bathed in light and as the session began I felt a tingling session from one end of my body to the other. At one point in time I felt like I was floating and wished I could stay there forever. I virtually fell asleep. Different colours reflected on the insides of my eyelids. I felt very good after the session and all the troubles that I was experiencing seemed to disappear. I would definitely go back for further sessions to expand the experience and to extend my insight. I think I still have a lot to learn. I would still like to learn how to meditate better and many other things.
Anne R (SA)

The healing attunement helped me to live constructively with a tendency to depression. Since then I’ve been able to connect to my higher self at will. This makes me see the way things really are and stops me from wallowing. The tendency is still there – one has to know that it is immutable, but the contact with my higher self is a crutch that I cannot do without.
Rene R (SA)

I was in a motorcycle accident years ago and shattered my right shoulder and broke my right leg. As a result, my lower right leg suffered from poor blood circulation and my right calf area became rock-hard and itchy and turned purple from lack of oxygen. I have two screws in my right knee and I sometimes experience severe pain in my knee. After Janine did a hands-on session on my right lower leg, the once hard calf area became supple and the purple color turned to a normal pink! My calf also returned to it’s normal size and my legs now appear similar in size. It has been months now and my leg is still fine.

At one point I experienced tremendous pain in my right shoulder and after I received a Reiki distance session from Janine, the pain was completely gone and stayed away for months.

I have also, on occasion, received a distance session from Janine when I suffered from insomnia and stress and, believe me, after a distance session I would fall into the most wonderful deep sleep and wake up refreshed.
Rino C (SA)

I found the Reiki sessions (hands-on & distance) most relaxing and invigorating, leaving me with great over-all sense of well-being, relaxed; rejuvenated and with tons more energy compared to before starting the session - really 'n great energy-boost.
I highly recommend this alternative therapy if you’re stressed out and need to relax and take some time-out or even sick, it’s a great complimentary therapy as it promotes healing – like a relaxing full-night’s sleep in less the time.
Ruthven F

Dag Janine,
Je bent me net voor! Ik wilde je juist laten weten hoe het was!
Ik ben gisteravond, al helemaal voorbereid om te gaan slapen, in bed gaan liggen en heb geprobeerd me te ontspannen. Aanvankelijk ging dat niet goed, maar gaandeweg voelde ik langzaam spanning wegtrekken en kwam er een zekere loomheid over me heel.

Ook was het net alsof er extra warmte uit mijn handen kwam, die op mijn maag en buik gelegd had. Zo'n zelfde gevoel als toen jij het deed! Ik was ontspannen toen ik insliep en heb voor het eerst sinds een paar weken weer de hele nacht doorgeslapen!! Werd vanmorgen om half negen wakker
en voelde me goed!

Hartelijk dank voor deze enorme opkikker! Voel me weer wat energieker.
Het is hier erg koud, er ligt sneeuw, maar er is ook een waterig zonnetje. Het wordt dus een mooi dag!
Ik was ook benieuwd of het zou werken, zo op zo'n afstand. En ik moet volmondig zeggen: HET WERKT!!!
Nogmaals dank
Veel liefs Margriet A (Netherlands)

Let me start off by saying I’m a typical skeptical individual and when it comes to healing power or any other alternative method of healing etc, I have to experience the procedure to believe – in other words for me it’s the case of “feeling is believing”..

A few weeks ago I went through a very stressed period and because of that I broke out with an itchy rash – Janine explained the procedure of Reiki to me once again and said she would like to help.
This is what happened, I was lying on my bed and sms’d “ready” once all was under control and I was ready to fall asleep.

After receiving my text message “all work starts from her side”. I don’t know what she did, but what I can say is this – I have never in my entire life felt so peaceful and relaxed, it felt almost like those last few seconds before going under anaesthetic. I woke up the next morning still lying in the same position… I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated !! My rash was gone!

Needless to say I’m so interested and impressed in the healing power of Reiki”, I have started reading up on the internet and was amazed to read similar positive feedback from other “non believers”.
Angie H (SA)

Thank you so much for what you did. I must be honest I was afraid, probably because it is the unknown, but I am so pleased I went through with it. Words cannot explain how I truly felt. I had absolutely no pain afterwards, I felt as though My mind and body had been cleared of all the negative energy, I felt balanced and energized. I felt light & clean. I felt absolutely amazing afterwards.
Gena L (SA)

I’ve been for a few sessions of Reiki, hands-on and distance. The experience was most rewarding giving me more energy and vitality. When sick, this is a great way to supplement the healing process as well, as it helps speed-up recovery times. I also recommend this as a great stress-reliever.

The very relaxing therapy and I really recommend this alternative therapy to anybody willing to try it, as it’s helped me a lot.
Ansie M (SA)



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