Further study has enabled me to address very specific physical and emotional/psychological issues with Reiki. One might say that these healing attunements enables the Reiki practitioner to apply Reiki like a laser in order to address a specific issue.

Please note that Reiki is not a substitute for conventional medical care and Reiki should be used in conjunction with professional medical treatment in respect of major health issues.

One must also keep in mind that we become ill over a period of time and becoming well is also a process that takes place over time. This is not to say that miracles do not happen using only Reiki or prayer or medicine etc.

Reiki healing attunements are effective because they work directly with the Chakra(s) or Aura layer.

Because an attunement is a sacred process there are preparation suggestions I recommend before receiving a Reiki Healing Attunement. I will discuss these with you over the phone or inform you via e-mail.


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